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Building digital foundations for success

The backbone of any successful cloud software application is a well-designed and carefully monitored infrastructure. Through intelligent design and proactive monitoring strategies, we create Ruby on Rails software solutions that lay the foundations to achieve operational efficiency & security. Building systems that are agile and resilient, ready to scale with you.

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Design & Implementation

The architecture of efficiency

Our team of software development experts understand the intricacies involved in designing and building a solid foundation for your Ruby application. Carefully analysing your business goals, scalability needs & system performance expectations, so we can build a robust infrastructure design plan, specific to your business. We look at hardware, cloud integration, data storage & network architecture, to name just a few, ensuring a seamless implementation, with minimal disruption to your business.

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Monitoring & Maintenance

Ensuring resilience and performance

When it comes to ensuring your application is online, working as it should be, system surveillance and proactive maintenance is key. We provide 24/7 Ruby on Rails application support and monitoring, implementing key monitoring tools & automated testing to ensure your application remains up and running. Conducting regular health & performance checks on your RoR application, pushing security patches & prioritising system upgrades. We’ll also ensure you're up-to date with the latest tools and technologies so your system can stay ahead of the curve with new industry advancements.

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Infrastructure Consultancy

Creating agile & reliable systems together

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Tangible Results

At Circle, we are committed to delivering real-life, tangible results for our clients. Our infrastructure consultancy services empower businesses to make informed decisions & enhance overall system efficiency. By partnering with us, we can navigate complex tech challenges together and implement the best, most up-to date tools and technologies, to put you ahead of the game.

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Expert advice

We have significant experience growing cloud systems enabling us to offer expert advice & strategies for scaling your infrastructure. Utilising scheduled scaling tools, to add extra capacity to your application during peak times or scaling down your staging environment when it gets a little quieter. We’re experts on building agile & resilient Ruby on Rails applications that handle workloads today and in the future, as demands increase and your business scales.

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The security of your system should always be a top priority. We analyse your current setup & environment, spot weaknesses and blind spots and from this, design and build comprehensive security measures & processes, tailored to your business needs. We stay on top of industry regulations and compliance standards and build these into our infrastructure security solutions. Protecting your valuable data & client relationships.

Important questions answered

Software infrastructure design is the hero behind every successful software system. By creating a well-designed infrastructure, we ensure your application is ready to take on any workload, both now and in the future. Providing high availability and enabling seamless integrations that make your system a well-oiled machine. So rest easy knowing that our team of infrastructure experts are ready to build the solid foundation your software needs, to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
A well-designed infrastructure ensures that the underlying components, such as servers, networks, and databases, are optimised to handle the expected workload and can scale effectively as your user base grows. It looks at factors such as load balancing, caching mechanisms and network architecture to provide a robust and scalable foundation for your application - all crucial elements for software longevity.
By tapping into our expert knowledge, you get access to an abundance of experience in designing and monitoring infrastructures. Plus, outsourcing saves you from the hassle and expense of hiring and training an in-house team. You can focus on perfecting your core offering while we handle the intricate system infrastructure tasks with finesse.
We believe in the power of customisation and treating each project as their own unique gem. While we understand that every software has its own quirks, our typical maintenance services encompass the essentials: banishing pesky bugs, keeping your software up-to-date with the latest features through timely updates, security patches, and optimising performance. We aim to provide you with a worry-free software experience so you can stay laser-focused on your own business goals with confidence.
Absolutely! We offer a 360 service from consulting, prototyping and application development to upgrading, testing, training and maintenance. We take on projects of all sizes so if you’re looking for a company who’s going to keep a watchful eye over your application, we’d happily do this for you.
We totally get it - budgeting and cost considerations are essential! We provide customised pricing tailored to the unique needs of your software. Factors like the complexity, size, and specific maintenance requirements of your software will influence the final cost. We price ourselves competitively for the experience we can offer and are more than happy to provide you with a quick quote based on your needs.

Infrastructure Services

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