We are a passionate, agile and dedicated in-house team with 10 years experience in designing & building highly reliable and scalable cloud software solutions with 24/7 availability.


Meet the Team

Chris Branson | Managing Director at Circle Software and Design

Chris Branson

Managing Director

A techie entrepreneur at heart, I like nothing more than getting my teeth into complex business and technical problems and delivering elegant cost effective solutions.

Chris Hilton | Technical Director at Circle Software and Design

Chris Hilton

Technical Director

I'm a senior software developer with over 25 years commercial experience designing, building, delivering and maintaining enterprise level software solutions.

Fernanda Rizzo | Head of Design at Circle Software and Design

Fernanda Rizzo

Head of Design

As a hands-on design lead, I thrive when working on challenging projects, thinking about new solutions and helping businesses fulfil their goals and objectives.

Lisa Kenward | Head of Marketing and Business Development at Circle Software and Design

Lisa Kenward

Head of Marketing & Business Development

In the last 11 years I've successfully marketed, grown and led cloud software applications into globally recognised and well respected products & brands.

How we got here

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30 years ago

We started developing on-premise software solutions 30 years ago to help the day to day operations of businesses across all four corners of the globe. We designed and released core business applications, CRM solutions, booking systems, mobile platforms, accounting solutions, BI dashboards, web portals, email integrations, order processing tools and GPS tracking to name just a few.

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The last decade

Over the past 10 years we've turned our focus to cloud solutions, collaborating together to create stand out brands and develop multi-tenant SaaS applications utilising Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. During this time we've really understood the impact and importance great looking and intuitive UI/UX brings to cloud software applications. Insightful user interfaces combined with clever cloud technologies led to thousands of businesses worldwide adopting and relying on our cloud solutions daily. New features were deployed and released with zero downtime and users were kept productive with near perfect 24/7 access and availability over the course of 8 years. Our systems were in constant use servicing a global customer base that spanned different time zones and supported multiple currencies and languages.

In that time, we've built substantial experience creating APIs and seamless integrations with leading SaaS providers that are reliable, fast and secure. Our list includes the likes of; Xero, Mailchimp, Adobe Sign, Slack, Intercom, as well as backbone infrastructure services such as Amazon EC2, S3 & RDS etc.

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Where we are now

All of the experience gained and the skillset we've developed has led us here, looking to help both startup's or enterprise businesses with interesting projects of all shapes and sizes. If you need a robust, intricate system that can handle millions of page requests per day, we've been there. Equally, if you are looking to build a brand new SaaS solution starting from the ground up but need guidance and support in building your vision, we're ready to work with you on this journey.


Why Choose Us

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Well run software house

A complete 360 service delivered by a well run, process driven agency from initial concept and design to delivery and maintenance. We don't offshore or outsource but instead, take on projects we know we can excel in.

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Team collaboration

Working together for over 11 years, we tackle all projects and challenges as a team, bringing to the table a comprehensive set of skills and experience needed to create impressive and robust software applications that set the bar high.

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UX/UI design experience

We have deep experience around intuitive application design, both on the back-end and front-end and understand what good UI and UX really means and the important role this plays when creating software applications.

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Ready to use skill set

Dropping in highly skilled, UK based Ruby on Rails developers without long term contracts so companies can continue their search for permanent software engineers without holding the project up any further.

Core Technologies & Capabilities

Our technical skillset is broad, specialising in the below list of design and software applications.

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Ruby on Rails

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Tailwind CSS

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Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe XD

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Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Illustrator

Get in touch

We welcome all cloud projects, big and small and are happy pitching in at any stage of your product lifecycle. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.