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We are Ruby on Rails experts and digital transformers, delivering reliable & scalable solutions, empowering your business to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

We’ve been on your side of the project and understand the technical challenges businesses face when trying to discover and deploy excellent development resources.

With over 10 years of experience creating, enhancing and maintaining market-leading cloud applications, we have the tools and expertise to complement your team, pitching in at any stage of the project.

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I worked with Chris Branson and Chris Hilton over many years, developing and implementing numerous projects at Boels, most recently a web based application that was used across Europe in several hundred DIY store outlets. They are experts in their field and always delivered innovative solutions to a very high standard and crucially, within agreed timeframes. I would highly recommend them.
Wim Heijmans, former Head of IT at Boels Rental

Our experience, your advantage

Circle Software & Design was formed after a decade of working together in software companies developing market leading solutions and brands.

An exclusively UK based agency with a simple goal - to empower other businesses by sharing our skillset and knowledge built over the years. We understand what it takes to launch start-ups and make them a success but also how to keep enterprises at the top of their game.

From full-scale application development to fine-tuning individual features, conducting upgrades, rigorous testing or providing comprehensive training and insightful consultancy, we’re here to accelerate your project and drive your success forward.

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A snapshot of work we've delivered across different sectors

Leverage the skilled expertise of our UK based in-house team and gain instant value & benefits.

Plug Resource Gaps

We seamlessly bridge temporary gaps with seasoned RoR experts who can hit the ground running. Bringing to the table significant experience and project ownership - without the need for additional training.

Retain Happy Employees

Avoid piling work onto an already stretched team and keep employee well-being high by letting us do your testing, maintenance & upgrades, helping staff stay focussed on the project in front of them.

Deliver on Time

Have the reassurance that your projects will be delivered on time and customers kept happy by quickly boosting your team with experts who can pick up a project at any stage and help hit deadlines.

Keep Costs Down

Hefty recruitment fees, training costs, holidays, contracts & commitments - all real costs to a business that are avoided when temporarily bringing in affordable resource who are readily available.

Deliver Top Quality

We can pitch in at any stage of the project, offering assistance and support with an impressive tech stack to boot. Amplifying your existing team's output, delivering high quality, digital solutions.

Form Partnerships

We value integrity and commitment, only taking on projects we know we'll exceed in and can be delivered to your timescales. Helping form long-lasting, collaborative partnerships.

Team insights

We love to share our insights with the wider community

Adding a business logic layer to your Ruby on Rails application

Our experience has taught us that the business logic should be decoupled from & function independently of other application layers.

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Ruby on Rails Upgrades

Upgrading the Rails version of your application can feel like a daunting task, however, it can be accomplished with little pain.

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Ruby Performance Tips - String Concatenation

Many articles and examples of string concatenation for Ruby will show the use of the + and += operators that many of us are familiar with from other programming languages.

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Core Technologies & Capabilities

Our technical skillset is broad, specialising in a wide range of software development & maintenance tools.

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