Bespoke Software Development
Delivering Powerful Cloud Solutions

We’ve been developing powerful software solutions for over 20 years with a focus on cloud technologies over the last decade, building leading Ruby on Rails applications that are scalable and dependable, across all platforms.

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Product Development

Dynamic & Creative Software

Our in-house team will take your idea and transform it into a highly functional and robust solution that meets your business needs. We're ready to pitch in at any stage of the product development cycle, favouring open-source technologies such as Ruby on Rails to deliver fast, reliable and flexible web applications.

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Native & Hybrid Apps

Intuitive & Engaging Applications

Looking to add a cross platform app to your existing software solution or business operations? We can lead you through the process of creating and building both native and hybrid apps that feel and look great on all devices, across every platform. Creating intuitive, user friendly applications that your customers and target audience want to use.

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Ruby on Rails Upgrades

Stay up to date & secure

Upgrading your Ruby on Rails application onto a later version of the Rails Framework doesn't have to take up the valuable time of your own development resource. We have a wealth of experience in Rails upgrades, allowing your team to keep focussed on delivering the features your customers want to see.

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Development Resource

Bolstering your existing team

Plug us in to accelerate your projects and support your existing development team with our highly skilled Ruby on Rails developers. Taking the pressure off an already resource constrained department with experienced developers who don’t need any training.

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Additional Services


Supporting your journey

With extensive experience working with a wide range of software applications, we fully understand the technical challenges that businesses can face. As part of our service offering, we can advise and support you during any stage of your project or product timeline. Pitching in when needed on key areas such as; technology & platform choices, application and database design, coding standards, code performance reviews, application structure, hosting, testing, CI workflows and much more.


Reassurance that it's all in hand

Do you have an existing Ruby on Rails solution that needs looking after, or just a watchful eye to deal with important security updates? We can provide you with the reassurance that your system is being well taken care of by maintaining existing codebases & test suites, ensuring you have the latest versions of the gems you use and fixing any bugs that crop up along the way.

Important questions answered

Employing your own software developers can work well, however, finding skilled, available and affordable developers is difficult. We can be your bolt-on team of highly skilled Ruby on Rails experts.
The client has the copyright ownership to any source code we write for them. Whoever appoints and commissions us to write and develop the code, is the owner of this.
We favour flexible, reliable open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails for our backend and React & Javascript for our front-end. See our tech stack below.
Absolutely! We take on projects of all sizes and can be that watchful eye over your application, ensuring all is working as expected, taking care of upgrades, testing and maintenance.
We present back to you at various development stages to ensure you’re happy & believe in rigorous testing (conducting both development and acceptance tests), reviewing every line of code developed.
We’ve been specialising Ruby on Rails applications for 10+ years, developing multi-tenant, globally recognised SaaS solutions that can handle 5 million page requests per day.

Core Technologies & Capabilities

We specialise in the following web applications & software development.

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Ruby on Rails

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CI Workflows

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Giving back to the community

We are dedicated to knowledge sharing and giving back to the wider community by producing open source libraries and insightful articles that help us all upskill.

Flexitime gem

The gem was born of the need to parse date, datetime & time strings in a multi-user environment supporting different locales and time zones.

View Project on GitHub

Active Manageable Gem

The ActiveManageable gem provides a framework from which to create business logic manager classes

View Project on GitHub

Boring Avatars

It generates SVG based avatars from any username and color palette in a variety of forms.

View Project on GitHub

Tailwind Stimulus

This is our collection of Stimulus controllers that help drive various TailwindCSS/UI components.

View Project on GitHub
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Integrations with Ruby on Rails

We build API’s and connect applications with third party integrations using Ruby on Rails. We’ve worked on:

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Mailchimp
  • Adobe Sign
  • ChargeBee
  • Stripe
  • Slack
  • Intercom
  • AppSignal
  • Newrelic
  • Amazon S3 - cloud file storage
  • Mailgun
  • Sendgrid
  • GeoIP

Team insights

We love to share our insights with the wider community

Adding a business logic layer to your Ruby on Rails application

Our experience has taught us that the business logic should be decoupled from & function independently of other application layers.

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Parsing Date & DateTime Parameter Values in a Ruby on Rails application

Our suggestions on how to deal with the date and datetime attributes in your Ruby on Rails application.

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Using GitHub Actions to run your tests against different versions of Ruby

GitHub Actions allow you to create custom continuous integration (CI) workflows directly in your GitHub repository.

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